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Strategic Risk Management


An 8-Part GKG University Course

As an industry leader in the field of Safety and Risk Management, our team is continuously approached by companies and Risk Management professionals who are eager to learn more about what we do and how we do it (and as a firm that values teaching and continuous improvement, we’re always eager and willing to share our knowledge). The need has been so great, in fact, that we have assembled a formal course around it. Through this exclusive eight-part course, the GKG team will share our 115+ years of expertise with local leaders in Risk Management.

What you'll gain by completing this course:

Fun Fact: on average, the Workers Comp Mod for course participants has decreased by 19 points in the years following completion of this course!

We have three core goals for all participants:
1. Leave with an increased familiarity with the fundamentals of strategic Risk Management.
2. Leave with the skills and ability to create an effective action plan for your own organization.
3. Leave with a robust network of safety and risk professionals.

You will leave this course with a comprehensive understanding of the various elements of “Safety” and “Risk Management” as well as the foundational approach/philosophy that lends itself to every Risk Management program regardless of size, cost, industry, etc.

Note: We have structured this course to suit professionals in the field of Risk Management with any level of prior exposure/experience.

Don't just take our word for it.

Participant Testimonials: